Unaudited condensed consolidated income statement

Year ended
31 Dec 2012
NoteHalf year to
30 June 2013

Half year to
30 June 2012
(490.3)Cost of sales and overheads(264.1)(254.0)
97.5Operating profit prior to exceptional items52.447.3
(2.0)Amortisation of acquired intangible fixed assets(2.1)(0.7)
2.4Profit on disposal of investment
(2.5)Acquisition costs(1.2)
(2.4)Reorganisation costs
93.0Operating profit250.345.4
0.2Investment revenue0.10.1
(3.2)Finance costs(1.9)(1.6)
90.0Profit before taxation48.543.9
67.2Profit for the period36.032.7
Attributable to:
67.1Equity holders of the parent35.832.6
0.1Non-controlling interests0.20.1
Earnings per share5

All activities have arisen from continuing operations.

* Restated for the adoption of IAS 19 (Revised) 'Employee Benefits' (see note 1).