4. Taxation

Year ended
31 Dec 2012
Half year to
30 June 2013
Half year to
30 June 2012
Current tax:
23.8Current tax – charge for the period12.813.3
(0.5)Current tax – adjustments in respect of prior periods(0.2)
23.3Total current tax12.613.3
(0.5)Deferred tax(0.1)(2.1)

The rate of tax for the interim period is 25.7% (2012: 25.3%) of the profit before tax. The rate of tax is reflective of the impact of blending profits and losses from different countries and the different tax rates associated with those countries. The tax rate includes the impact of the reduction in the UK's corporation tax rate from 24% to 23% with effect from 1 April 2013.